When transition happens in your life

Nothing is forever. These are some hard words; especially because a lot of people (including myself), love for things to remain the same. When transition happens, it causes many of us to go outside of our comfort zones and into the unknown. This can be unknown territory, even if we have an idea of what the future may look like.

Seasons of life

One of the wonderful things about life is how there are many seasons to it. It is said that there is a time and a season for everything, and I believe that this is true. When we are younger, we go from being a newborn to being a child, a child to a teenager, a teenager to a young adult and so on and so forth. This doesn’t stop at age, it continues with occupation, education, life direction, relationship statues and so much more. We must look at change as a part of life. Although change can be something that can be hard to adapt to, it certainly will happen.

For me personally, there has been so much change that has happened to me within the past few years. I graduated from Hope International University, I got my first job ECCU, got married, and together we got our first apartment together. What else has changed? Well I went from a life of being free with my schedule into a life where I work an 8-5 job. I also had to consider this wonderful thing called responsibility. I had bills, bills and more bills to pay (car payment, rent, credit card bills, student loans and utilities). I noticed that so much changed had happened in my life it was as though I woke up and I was living a different life. This is not to complain, but it surely is to realize how quickly events in your life can happen. Transition can happen in your life rather quickly and sometimes lots of change can happen without you even realizing it. I had entered the world of being busy and the world of materialism. (I feel that many people once they graduate enter the world of materialism.)

So, what are some things that you can do when you are in a transitional stage in your life. Here are some personal tips that I have done.


  • Appreciate where you were in the past.

    • The idea behind this is looking to the past and learning from it. I think that there are many people who are so afraid of the past. Sometimes, people have had bad experiences in the past, but there are still lessons that we can take from the past, and move into the present.
  • Understand that everything in life is for a season.

    • If you are going into a rougher season in your life, know that it is only going to be for a time. In life, we are all going to be in rougher and easier seasons of life. There is no possible way that your life is going to be all bad or all good. Rather, your life is going to be a collection of good and bad experiences, memories and lessons.
  • Live life in the present

    • This is something that I think we all should consider. Sometimes we go through being in a good season in life into a bad one, or sometimes we go from a bad season into a good one. No matter what season you are in life, always appreciate the time that you are given. We are limited with the time that we have here on the earth. In my article, A Busy Life, I mentioned how precious time is. With the idea of limited time in mind, we should live life as though it were your last. This is the idea of living your life to the fullest. Of course, this can be hard advice, but it is so important. It is important to live life every single day no matter what situation are in. Live life in the present.
  • Find people that you can talk to

    • I have learned in my own personal life how important it is to communicate where you are in your life; especially when transitions occur. Sometimes it can be as simple as talking to someone who you trust (a family member, a mentor, a friend, a co-worker or even a professor.). You will be surprised how many people have gone through similar situations. For some reason, I think people do not like to reveal their weaknesses or what they are going through. This is not to say that we should tell everyone every single detail about our life, but we certainly should be transparent. Being open and honest with people about where you are in your life is a good thing. It actually gives an opportunity for people to relate to you. You may even get some good solid advice for improving your life.
  • Look to the future.

    • More often than not, people do not look that far into the future. For me and my personal experience, I find that many people either look too much into the future, or they barely consider where their life will be at in a few years.
    • The future is unknown to us, but we can certainly dream big. The mind is one of the most powerful parts of the body. The mind has the capacity to create, innovate, and imagine. Our American culture values creativity so much, but at times does not teach it in school. Rather at times, students are indoctrinated with political ideology and taught to think within the box. We should think outside of the box and dream! I highly encourage that you dream. Imagine what your life could be like. Think about where you are in life and how you could get to a wonderful place. If you are in a good place, then consider where the next chapter in your life is going to be.
    • I have heard that successful people write down their goals. I am not sure what it does psychologically, but the people I know who write down their goals on paper, are more likely to fulfill their dreams. This is just a personal observation, and it is something that I do as well. I write my goals down because it is channeling my thoughts onto something that I can see.
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