1. […] For me personally, there has been so much change that has happened to me within the past few years. I graduated from Hope International University, I got my first job ECCU, got married, and together we got our first apartment together. What else has changed? Well I went from a life of being free with my schedule into a life where I work an 8-5 job. I also had to consider this wonderful thing called responsibility. I had bills, bills and more bills to pay (car payment, rent, credit card bills, student loans and utilities). I noticed that so much changed had happened in my life it was as though I woke up and I was living a different life. This is not to complain, but it surely is to realize how quickly events in your life can happen. Transition can happen in your life rather quickly and sometimes lots of change can happen without you even realizing it. I had entered the world of being busy and the world of materialism. (I feel that many people once they graduate enter the world of materialism.) […]

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