Finding Peace in a World Full of Noise


It is incredible how connected this world has become. The world is more connected to one another than any other time period in history. Television, satellite radio, social media, cell phones and text messaging are examples of technologies that give us the ability to be more connected. This technology has allowed us to be connected at any given moment. I am sure that many of you are aware of this connected world that we live in. With new technology that pushes us to be connected, it appears that people are entering a fog of connectedness where their world is their technology. Now, I cannot account for every single person, nor can I account for every single situation. It certainly does appear that in America, we are ever more connected due to technological advances.

I am absolutely astonished at how connected people have become. For me personally, I am cautious of such fast technological changes. These changes in technology causes change in culture. This push for our world being more connected is changing the way humans interact with one another. In a world that is more connected then ever before it makes you wonder the question: Can we ever be too connected? Can we lose out identity in our technology? Can we become addicted to being connected to the internet or social media as well?

For me, I find much joy in being in nature. I enjoy taking time in my day to pray, reflect and spend quality time with my wife and my family. No technology can ever replace someone being right there next to you. I also enjoy going in my car and going for a drive where I am disconnected; No phones, no social media, and no internet. Sure, I might take my camera and take pictures, but I purposely try to go offline to be present in the world around me. I feel as though there is more to life than the confines of a bright screen. It seems like people now a days have so many screens. People have screens on their phones, television screens, computer screens, just to name a few.  And it is very common to have these screens on all the time; This goes to show this push to being connected. With all of this time, effort and energy that is given into technology, we need to take time away from technology so that we can recharge, reflect and relax. I believe that not being obsessed with technology is so important.

It would appear that all of this technology is creating noise and it is creating distractions from everyday life. Can you imagine a world where our minds, our hearts and our spirit are too busy being connected every second of our lives? Can you imagine being so connected that we are just being exposed to meaningless nothingness or nothing that adds value to ourselves? It certainly seems as though that this is where our world is going.

Now, of course there certainly is more information, data and answers to basic questions that is readily available to people. Not all technology is bad, but being connected all the time and never disconnecting can change the very fabric of who we are. We may even lose the personal, human touch and ability to relate to others. I wonder, are we losing our ability to connect and relate to others? Even though we are becoming more connected, are we coming closer to our friends and family? It would just seem like people are in this state of bombardment through sight and sound of our technology. I also wonder if people are even aware of how connected we have become.

In my recent post “Materialism: Are you enslaved?“, I mentioned that “The desire for wanting more and more … can be enslaving to someone’s happiness”. In the same way that someone can be enslaved to the world of materialism, someone can lose their identity when they are so focused and consumed with all of this technology. Technology can become an addiction like any other thing. People can be addicted to food, sex, alcohol, exercising or really anything. I believe that people can become addicted to their technology by desiring to always want to be connected.

Consider the mind of a child. When we are younger, our minds have the capacity to learn so much. We grow and we learn about the world around us. It is interesting how some people remember all the way back to their childhood. For the memories, the good and the bad, it molds a person. Experiences from our own family upbringing can be one of the most powerful influences in our lives. This makes me wonder, can a child be raised to only know a life of connectedness? I believe so! Think about it, if you allow technology to raise your child though, how that will influence a young child? Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to what the ramifications are, but it is something to think about. We need to be cautious of allowing television, the internet, social media or any sort of technology to mold young children. In the same way, we need to be cautious of technology changing who we are as individuals.

In order for people to continue to learn and grow, they need time to think. People need to find time away from the connectedness of technology. If people do not have the time or the opportunity to think, they hold themselves back from dreaming big, discovering their potential.

We need to find peace in this world that is full of technological noise.

So how do we find peace in a world full of noise? Here are some ways that I have learned and done.

  • Disconnect:

    • Find a way to shut off your phone and get off of the internet. If possible, find a place where you can get away from the internet. Go outside, go for a walk, pray, or find a place to be in nature, if you are unable to go outside, you can find a place where you live.
  • Relax:

    • Take time to not focus on the stresses, burdens, trials or anything negative that is going on your life. When you are able to find a place where you can disconnect, it is the perfect opportunity to reflect, be in prayer, or focus on positivity. This is the chance for you to get in a comfortable position and let your mind rest.
  • Breathe:

    • Take a deep breath, listen to happy music or focus on nature. I find that peaceful sounds (the sound of running streams, the birds, the breeze flowing through the trees or even silence) help me take a breath. It is good to take deep breaths so that you can not keep your mind connect but rather place it in a state of relaxation.
  • Be present:

    • Think about where you are in your life. Who is in your life? Have you spent quality time with them? Have you seen friends or family face to face as opposed to utilizing technology?
    • Since we only have so much time in this life, it is good to live in the present. Do not worry about tomorrow, but focus on the here and the now. We need to slow down from the constant feed of the comes from media and technology.

Finding the opportunity to find peace in such a busy world is a challenge, but it is not impossible. Although society tells us to be connected, be busy and do more, it is perfectly healthy and normal to slow down. It is perfectly normal to disconnect so that you can get away from the technological noise. People need to have time to think, imagine, create and just simply have time for themselves. Our lives should not be measured by how connected we are, but rather who we are, what we are and what we believe in. To me, there is so much more to this life. There is much more to this life. I will never get back the time I waste. I want to utilize my time wisely.

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